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Join Me In the Red Zone!

Let me ask you a question…

Are you catching my Red Velvet vibe?

Starting to feel something juicy and vibrant stirring inside of you? That’s all you need to know about why you should pick up a copy of Coming Alive!

This book gave me back my womanly pizazz with a shot of hell yeah on the side.

It’s a hard hitting critique of the emerging global police state and its origins (whoa, heavy, right?).

But it’s more than that. Writing this book ended up pulling my head out of my love-it-all-better-NICE-girl ass.

It freed my passion and my desires from the manipulation traps that kept me stuck (including my own self sabotage).

Ultimately, it put me in the driver’s seat of my own Scarlet Life. Red Velvet seat covers included! No extra charge!


$9.99 – Kindle
$9.99 – Nook
$14.99 – Paperback

Disclaimer: Could disrupt your status quo.

DESIRE isn’t just for sex anymore!

It’s for everyday use too.

In fact, it’s downright handy for a whole bevy of madcap and serious situations alike.

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