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There are many healers in our world, but not many that take you on a healing journey the way Rebecka does. I know this to be true because I am a healer and the experience I had with Rebecka was beautiful, and most importantly effective. I found her work unique as all amazing healers are, and the impact was profound. I felt great afterward and continue to feel more balanced. I have found that the best healing work is experiential. Rebecka allowed me to heal myself through discovery that was …

Cultivating the Intentional Life

This article is for the people who, up until now, have been on the path of lessons and obstacles.  You will know this article is aimed at you if, like metal to a magnet you have been drawn to the present day lessons that prick your old wounds so that you can heal them.  You may also have become adept at surmounting the obstacles that seem to always litter your path.  Very likely, despite your best intentions, you have found yourself in the same situations over and over again.  Every time you change jobs your old boss shows up again.  Every time you get in a new relationship the behaviors you hated about your ex show up in your new lover.

You have learned a lot about yourself along the way.  Yet your life still seems a little like a broken record or a habit you just can’t seem to break.  Despite all the knowledge you have gained, you just can’t quite break through to real freedom and happiness.

If this article is for you, you are a veritable virtuoso in the realm of lessons and obstacles.  As a result, you can manage struggle and anguish like nobody else you know.

You are also at a psychological turning point.

You have arrived at the crossroads.  You can either go on endlessly pricking wounds and succeeding despite the obstacles or you can step onto The Passion Path and begin cultivating the intentional life.

The Passion Path is essentially the place where the art of discernment combines with desire and intention to propel you towards real fulfillment. It is also the place where the path of lessons and obstacles gives way to the path of growth, development, and opportunity.

Does this mean you will never face another obstacle or awaken to another wound in need of healing? Absolutely not. The trial by fire is an element of The Passion Path. But on The Passion Path, the refining fire is a tool of awareness. Rather than serving to burn up the past, it serves as the gateway to a different kind of future, a future in which discriminating awareness allows you to quickly separate life’s gold nuggets from the fool’s gold you will encounter along the way.

Through the awareness gained in the fire, old wounds are healed and old habits are broken, but in a different fashion. In the light of real understanding, the wounds simply lose their sting and your old habits lose their appeal. You begin to separate your wounds and habits from questions of self worth. In this way, you don’t just form scars to protect the tender places or use sheer force of will to suppress “bad” habits. You develop real self love and compassion for yourself. Through compassion and awareness, old wounds are erased for good and worn out habits give way to proactive behavior that serves your authentic desires and your intention to see those desires fulfilled.

On the Passion Path, your relationship to obstacles changes as well. They are no longer barriers to be surmounted at all costs. They are allies on the path. Sometimes they remind you to slow down. Sometimes they are there to point the way down another path. Through awareness and discernment you learn to work skillfully with the obstacles rather than warring against them.

Eventually your time in the fire diminishes. Something else begins to occupy your time and energy: Living a rich and powerful life. Before you know it, happiness sets in.

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