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  • About Rebecka Eggers - Freedom Activator & Passion Priestess - ∞ Author of Coming Alive! ∞ CTI trained life coach ∞ Reiki Master ∞ Holds four degrees 	∞ Doctor of Divinity 	∞ B.A. in Pyschology 	∞ Juris Doctorate 	∞ Master of Laws in Taxation Rebecka specializes in helping you to ∞ knock your trauma on its ass (finally!) ∞ leave your past in the dust ∞ move into your passion ∞ develop your potential with power and clarity.
  • About The Passion Path - Rebecka Eggers’ Signature Coaching Program A Burgeoning Community A Way of Life  - ∞ Settle your past.  ∞ Overcome your trauma. ∞ Live a life of vision and purpose. ∞ Prioritize your potential. ∞ Learn the art of Passionate Warriorship. ∞ Join a growing community of Passionate Warriors.   - Passionate Warriors are: committed to purpose, alive with passion, powerfully creative, disciplined by wisdom, and dynamically active in the service of purpose and vision.
  • Taste of The Passion Path - A One-Hour Intensive Session - ∞ Obtain clarity. ∞ Experience The Passion Path  ∞ Savor Your Potential. ∞ Come prepared to work.
  • Encounter The Passion Path - A Seven Session Intensive Program -  ∞ Wake up your instincts.  ∞ Shut the door on your past. ∞ Reset your life. ∞ Unleash Your Potential.
  • Passion Emerging - A Seven Session Intensive Program - ∞ Find out what you truly desire. ∞ Learn the lessons of flourishing. ∞ Craft a new vision for your life.
  • Passion in Motion - A Seven Session Intensive Program - ∞ Take hold of your passion. ∞ Channel it into powerful, skillful action. ∞ Bring your vision to life.
  • Coming Alive! 8-Week, Online, Small Group Experience for Women:    Breaking the chains of niceness, overcoming trauma and building the foundations of power...  TOGETHER!  2015 session begins March 23rd. Group size extremely limited.

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What Clients Are Saying

When I scheduled my session with Rebecka, I’d been carrying a heartbreak for nearly two years, and it had worn me down. I did not know how to regain the energy and power I had given away to this situation, and it was stopping me from creating what I want in my life. After just one session, I was finally able to regain my power. I also learned the remedy for being stuck. My remedy is the thing I am most afraid of — I must ask for what I want. Finally I am moving again!
Carla SandersUSA
Rebecka reached out to me and offered her services as a life coach when I was facing a time of transition. Her intuition is what brought us together and her compassion is what kept us together. She knew the powerful questions to ask me even before I knew I needed the significant learning that came from those powerful questions. Rebecka is one of the most intuitive, insightful, authentic people I’ve ever met. She helped me think differently exactly when I needed to do so, and I’m thankful for…
MarciaMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Working with Rebecka was a very enlightening experience. She gave me the space I needed to explore myself openly and honestly. She was given the ability to recognize my finer character details, and ability to reflect them back so I could see them too. She’s a master of her craft.
PadraicArizona, USA
“I have experienced a shift that I have been dreaming about for a very long time and I feel like I’m finally connected to a god I can love. This is HUGE.
LisaChicago, Illinois, USA
Rebecka has that rare capability to gracefully navigate two worlds at once – the world of practical, day to day life – and the realm of the Spirit.  Rebecka’s strong intuitive sense, “real world” experience and, as far as I’m concerned “Realer World” experience and wisdom, make her a powerful ally for those who are ready, willing, and truly seeking deep connection, intimacy with self and others, and overall growth from the inside-out.
Ken MossmanWilton, New York, USA
Rebecka’s facilitation was gentle, sharply intuitive and powerful. She followed my processing expertly, helped me through the barriers that were impeding my journey, and guided me WITHOUT LEADING, which is a powerful and rare gift. Wherever I went, there she was, ready to lend a hand, ready to help me understand, and allowing me to move forward at my own pace. It’s rare to find a practitioner who is capable of tracking their clients so well while they’re transforming, and this in itself is …
KayWashington State, USA
During my coaching session with Rebecka, I talked about what I was most afraid of. Somehow she guided me into experiencing the thing as though it were happening – which was as devastating as I ever imagined it would be. She helped me to stay there and to feel the utter desolate despair of it, and then she helped me solve the seemingly insoluble riddle. She wielded her tools like a master of her craft. Afterward, I didn’t just feel better. I felt enlightened.
SusanBerkshire, England
Rebecka guides not by walking before me or by directing me but rather by illuminating and making clear my own unique and individual path. She is a true teacher in the sense that she does not provide answers but allows me to see them. Working with her has opened me to my own source, allowed me to embrace my darkness and become more wholly integrated, and dive more fully and powerfully into the mystery. Life is exponentially richer and more rewarding.
Meera AyoubUnited States
There are many healers in our world, but not many that take you on a healing journey the way Rebecka does. I know this to be true because I am a healer and the experience I had with Rebecka was beautiful, and most importantly effective. I found her work unique as all amazing healers are, and the impact was profound. I felt great afterward and continue to feel more balanced. I have found that the best healing work is experiential. Rebecka allowed me to heal myself through discovery that was …
If anyone can coach my heart and soul, it’s Rebecka.
KaraCape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Five Signs You Are Coming Alive! post image

Five Signs You Are Coming Alive!

Gone are the days when you were willing to let other people tell you who and what you are. At long last, you are falling in love with yourself and you are starting to ache with a fiery desire to show up in this world as all of who you are.

You are beginning to see that this world needs you and the many gifts and talents you long to contribute. You have been penetrated by what Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the fierce urgency of now.”