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What Clients Are Saying

Rebecka guides not by walking before me or by directing me but rather by illuminating and making clear my own unique and individual path. She is a true teacher in the sense that she does not provide answers but allows me to see them. Working with her has opened me to my own source, allowed me to embrace my darkness and become more wholly integrated, and dive more fully and powerfully into the mystery. Life is exponentially richer and more rewarding.
Meera AyoubUnited States
Coaching with Rebecka is an amazing experience. She provides such a strong feeling of safety and strength, that you really feel held, enabling you to explore your own empowerment without restriction.
KateNantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA
“I have experienced a shift that I have been dreaming about for a very long time and I feel like I’m finally connected to a god I can love. This is HUGE.
LisaChicago, Illinois, USA
During our session, Rebecka helped me bring forth my mountain lion mamma to take care of my little wild child I had locked in a box. I have done all of this inner child work – but this was different. Let yourself dive in!
ValerieMaryland, USA
If anyone can coach my heart and soul, it’s Rebecka.
KaraCape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Rebecka turns mountains into feathers.
Brian WalterSedona, Arizona, USA
I was just thinking today how good it feels that the ropes have been cut and I am free! Passion is pouring forth. I am enough.
Susan CoteConnecticut, USA
It was through some meditation work with Rebecka that I found a way to spend more time with myself in the moment. Her work with me in self actualization allowed me to begin a long overdo process of healing, mending, and letting go of things from my past that were holding me back. She also helped me see myself in a much better light, which has allowed me to think more highly of my true self, and to experience more thoroughly the joys of my life. For these things, I am truly grateful, and I hav…
Kelly LubbockTexas, USA
Feeling lost and confused, I sought out Rebecka. Very quickly Rebecka was able to help me see that my external circumstances, which seemed very real and overwhelming at the time, were really nothing more than an annoying distraction preventing me from focusing on what was important: an upcoming trip to Haiti where I served as a midwife and discovered that supporting moms and newborns is my life path.
Working with Rebecka has been extremely beneficial for me. Her keen insight, depth, warmth, awareness and guidance have helped me immensely. Her coaching technique was personalized for me and she fully met me where I was. Together we were able to bring me to a better place. She is genuine, easy to talk to, non-judgmental and was fully supportive of me. It was a privilege to work with her, and I look forward to doing it again. She is amazing.
DinaNew Hampshire, USA
Five Signs You Are Coming Alive! post image

Five Signs You Are Coming Alive!

Gone are the days when you were willing to let other people tell you who and what you are. At long last, you are falling in love with yourself and you are starting to ache with a fiery desire to show up in this world as all of who you are.

You are beginning to see that this world needs you and the many gifts and talents you long to contribute. You have been penetrated by what Martin Luther King, Jr. called “the fierce urgency of now.”